About Us

Petite Peds is an online shoe store catering exclusively to ladies with petite feet. Our entire website is built around what these unique women would find useful.

Our vision is to create a Petite Peds Peer group where you all come to share ideas for petite women, from shoes to clothing and handbags to earrings.

We will have guest bloggers giving petite women special fashion tips. Please help us make it a success by participating with your comments.

Petitepeds, Solving your Problems One Shoe at a Time

Ladies with Petite feet, narrow feet, small feet, dainty feet, Cinderella feet… LISTEN UP!!! Now…At last… your cries for help have been heard! Petite Peds, a brand new entrant into the shoe market caters exclusively to ladies with little feet.

Our range of exclusive shoes will ensure you retain your uniqueness, your sophistication, your style and we even promise to have a shoe to cater to your every emotion! IMAGINE THAT!

Gone are the days of insoles, cotton and gel inserts. Gone are the days of wearing the same black shoe to suit all outfits.

Our new range will have you matched and dressed and ready to flaunt your unique style in a click of the mouse!! And best of all the reasonable prices will ensure you can have a shoe to match every outfit… IMAGINE THAT!!!

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